Natalya Gudovich


1994, Moscow 


2019 Open studios, Winzavod, Moscow, Russia

2018 Aidan Salakhova workshop in Surikov State Institute of Arts, Moscow, Russia

2017 State Pedagogical University / Psychology, Moscow, Russia

2017 Event Production School of Alexey Bokov, Moscow, Russia

2015 CVA LAUNCH GURUS business accelerator, Smart City, Moscow, Russia


2021 Medaglioni, Cartier, Moscow, Russia

2019 New Humanity, Gazprombank, Moscow, Russia

2018 System. Anabiosis, Omelchenko gallery, Moscow, Russia | Supported by Untitled Foundation


2021 Vladey, Moscow, Russia

2020 Forbes Woman x, Cube Moscow, Moscow, Russia

2020 Tavrida Forward auction, Moscow, Russia

2020 Voblago club auction, Moscow, Russia

2020 WWF Russia, Moscow, Moscow, Russia

2019 The third charity auction in favor of the Children of Mary Foundation Omelchenko gallery

2019 OFF White Cosmoscow Beyond Luxury, MMOMA, Moscow, Russia


2021 Cosmoscow international artfair, Moscow, Russia

2020 Cosmoscow international artfair, Moscow, Russia

2020 Art Russia fair, Moscow, Russia

2019 Aqua Art Miami, Miami, Florida, USA

2018 Cosmoscow international artfair, Moscow, Russia


2021 Sovrisk #napotoke, Zaryadie, Underground museum, Moscow, Russia

2021 The visual code of the future, Omelchenko gallery, Moscow, Russia

2020 Imitation of Paradise, Whiteroom Foundation, Moscow

2020 Actual Russia, Zaryadie, Moscow

2020 Equalism, Whiteroom Foundation, Moscow

2019 «Here and Now», «Manege», Moscow, Russia

2019 «Horizon», Kreativraum gallery, Wien, Austria

2019 Fem Festival «-КА», Winzavod, Moscow, Russia

2019 OFF White Cosmoscow Beyond Luxury, MMOMA, Moscow, Russia

2019 «The Process. New Academy», Winzavod, Moscow, Russia

2019 «The Gold», Winzavod, Moscow, Russia

2019 «Common table», Open Studios, Winzavod, Moscow, Russia

2017 Today, Grebenchuk gallery, Basel, Switzerland

2016 I want, Aidan Studio, Winzavod, Moscow, Russia

2016 On the Human Side, European Center for Fine Arts, Bratislava, Slovakia

2015 Online / Offline, Aidan Studio, Winzavod, Moscow, Russia


Predominantly I work in painting, also collage, sculpture, video and installation media. Academic education allowed me to use the technique of realistic painting, so the rest of the media is also used by me as part of the study of hyper-subject matter. Some works are close to symbolism and conceptualism, specifically reflecting mental and emotional processes, as well as hyper-realism of the 90s. Also my art can be attributed to a New Sincerity, although some projects are not devoid of irony and sarcasm.


I was influenced by Aidan Salakhova, Erik Bulatov, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Louise Bourgeois, Maurizio Cattelanand others.


Main theme of my researches is the digital reality and post humanism discourse - I'm interested in the topics of utopian wishes, insights, desires and new social relationships, digitalization and man of the future. In some projects, there is also a feminist motive, but this is not the main one.


From 2015 I am working on the topic of digitalization, which was presented in the self-portrait Projection presented in Aidan Studios at Winzavod(Online / Offline exhibition), in the Renaissance 2.0 project at the personal exhibition in the OmelchenkoGallery in 2018 and the new EDEN series from 2020.


Theme of insights was realized in painting and photo series named Let Me Go. There was the white cloth that hides the figure of a man who grabbed the material from the inside. Today I’m working with insights issue again in my project Red Line – painting and total installation. 


Sistem. Anabiosis– research of post humanism discourse, creating a situation where a person is replaced by anthropomorphic characters, and the system created for human comfort loses its functionality, retaining external recognition, also was shown in Aqua Art Miami in 2019.